Alice’s Minotaur: A Ravishment Tale

The concourse was ablaze with lights and glittering signs designed to attract customers. But Alice only had eyes for her minotaur. He towered above her, topping something close to seven feet, she guessed. She walked beside him and felt dainty.  

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The Concourse of Swan Nebula was ablaze with lights and glittering signs designed to attract customers. But Alice only had eyes for her Minotaur. After the psychic billboard had mingled their fantasies, she was eager to get to know him. She walked beside him and felt dainty, as he towered above her, topping something close to seven feet, she guessed.

He seemed quite comfortable discussing his desires with her, and she wondered if it was a trait of all Lambda Tauri or something unique to him. Before she could ask, he led her inside one of the many hotels lining this section of the mall.

Like many of the station hotels, there was no check-in desk just rows of doors. Anyone needing a room simply looked for a lighted door. He wrapped a massive hand around her waist. “You know what I want,” he said.

Alice nodded, “You want something rough,” she paused meeting his dark inhuman eyes, “You want to ravish me.” She felt the heat of his body against her.

“Yes,” he answered, his horns casting shadows down the hallway. “My people use a sign to stop play if it becomes too intense.”

Alice smiled, “My people have something similar, a word we use. Are you asking for mine?” She wasn’t sure, but she thought he looked relieved that she understood. She gave her word, and he repeated it back to her.

Then he opened the door and shoved her inside. She stumbled into the room and turned to face him. He was every bit the warrior from the billboard, and Alice felt her breathing quicken.

He reached out and torn the suit down the middle, leaving the scraps to pool around her ankles. Standing bare-breasted with only a scrap of fabric to cover her sex, she opened her eyes wide, giving him the mix of fear and admiration he craved. “Oh great Aster,” her voice quavered, “Don’t hurt me.”

He laughed and picked her up, his hands wrapped around her waist and he lifted her effortlessly. Alice filed away the tidbit that Lambda Tauris were just as strong as the rumors said. Then she began to fight back. She slapped and punched at him, but his heavily muscled chest and arms just absorbed her blows, leaving her with aching hands and an increasing hunger for this Aster.

He tossed her on the bed and quickly tugged the scraps of her suit off and stared down at her.

Alice covered her breasts with her arms and clamped her legs shut, feeling her damp panties press against her pussy. She watched him strip off his own suit, revealing his dark-furred chest, Alice bit her lip as he tugged the suit off, letting his cock spring free. “Oh my,” she gasped up at him finally tearing her eyes away from cock and back to his face.

He gave a chuff of pleasure at her comment. Then he grabbed her pulling her close to him. She felt this hard cock pressed between them, and she could feel her panties getting wetter.

She struggled against him, her nipples rubbing against the rough fur of his chest, her fingers scratching ineffectually at him.

He laughed at her efforts and she felt his hand cup her ass before he tore her panties away. His thick fingers slid between her thighs and plunged easily into her pussy.

Alice arched her back into him, moaning. “Oh, no no no” she moaned shaking her head and slapping him.

“So wet, my prize,” he said adding a second finger and laughing when she gasped.

She wiggled in his arms, the role play and his fingers were pushing her closer to orgasm. His fingers stretched her open and he slid them in fast and hard, all while his hard cock pressed between them. She felt his knuckles grind against her clit and her slick wet flash. Alice let the delicious rush from his fingering wash over her, forgetting for a moment she was supposed to fighting him off.

His fingers pressed deep inside her, rubbing at her walls. And he shifted away from her, leaving her kneeling of the bed, his fingers buried in her pussy. “Is my captive defeated so easily?”

Alice glared up at him, her pussy aching both from his treatment and her desire. She raised a hand to hit him again, and he captured it easily.

He began his rough fingering of her again, she bit her lip to hold back her cries of delight.  She finally managed to gasp, “Oh, stop, please” she begged, barely hiding her smile.

“Beg more,” he ordered his voice growing deeper as he watched her.

His fingers moved faster and his thumb found her clit when she groaned and nodded frantically, he kept his thumb there. First applying pressure then rubbing in slow circles.

Alice felt her orgasm building and grabbed his shoulder for support as she climaxed. “I’m going to climax you brute,” she hissed at him.

As her orgasm roared through her, he laughed and continued to finger her, slower but not softer. And his laughter made her climax even more intense. He pulled his fingers free of her with a wet sloshing sound, and he shoved her back on the bed before licking them clean.

He climbed on the bed, pulling her legs open his cock between them.

Once again she started her captive pleas for mercy to cease her humiliation and degradation. When she started to whimper about the size of his cock, he held her down, one hand at her throat.

He locked his eyes on hers as he slowly inched his cock inside her. Alice sighed in delight as he entered her. His fingers had prepared her for his size, at least enough that he could slide in easily enough. Still, she felt herself stretching.

“You’re a tight fit,” he said, his hand still on her throat. He began sliding back out, slowly. Then he pressed back in, deeply. Alice writhed under him, her desire for more for the faster, rougher pace could be mistaken for fighting. It seemed that was all the encouragement he needed. He released his hold on her neck and his massive arms rested on either side of her.

He began thrusting in earnest, as she scratched and bit and writhed against him. When she slapped him across the face, he groaned in pleasure and growled something at her in his own language that didn’t quite translate, and she felt his pace increase, his thrusting harder and faster.

She heard herself growl, the line between pleasure and pain blurring ever closer. She crawled at his chest, his pelt preventing her from doing any real damage to him. He grinned at her efforts, slowing his pace.

“Still fighting?” He asked his cock almost sliding out of her. When she opened her mouth to answer, he thrust back in, pressing as deeply as he could.

Alice retort became a moan of pure desire, and she tilted her head back and begged him to release her to cease his torment of her, all the while thrusting her hips at him. He once again gave a long rumbling laugh but returned to his former frenzied pace.

When she delivered one final slap, he gave a bellow and his body shuddered with his own orgasm. He slowly shifted his massive body from over her, lying beside her. He opened his arms to her. She shifted into his embrace and gave a contented moan.

“That was amazing,” she said shifting against him, loving the feel of his pelt against her bare skin. She could feel the ache between her legs, and she knew she’d be sore for days – and every twinge would make her smile remembering this encounter.

He tightened his arms around her. He didn’t quite kiss her head but nuzzled his face into her hair. “You are amazing,” he said the words rumbling through his chest. “I was not too rough with you?”

She heard the concern in his voice and stroked his arms to reassure him. “Oh no,” she answered, “that was wonderful.” Before she could say more, her communicator chirped at her. She started to disentangle herself from him, but he pressed her back down and half rose to pick through her shredded clothing to find the device.

“Normally, I’d ignore it,” she said apologetically, “but it’s the urgent tone.”

“I understand,” he said, “do you wish privacy?”

She shook her head seeing that it was a text-based message. It was her newest bunkmate, Dorcus.

Don’t know what you’re up to, but that billboard fantasy has hit all the Space Service feeds, and the captain is demanding your leave be revoked. The Doc is currently refusing to call you back.

Alice groaned wondering how she could convince the captain that the billboard wasn’t her fault. She tapped out a quick reply.

Aster continued to hold her, “Everything is well?”

She nodded, “Our billboard fantasy was recorded and is all over the net.” She said, and twisted her head to look at him, “Do you need to do any damage control?”

His sigh told her that he too would likely be called onto the carpet as well. “I was hoping to convince you to stay for another day,” He said only to be interrupted by an insistent pounding on his door.

He shouted at the closed door and rose from the bed. Alice sat up, glancing around wondering if any of her clothing was intact. Aster saw her looking at handed her what looked like a bathrobe. She shrugged into the massive garment when he pulled on pants.

He opened the door, and Alice saw a second Lambda Tauri peek into the room before Aster stepped into the hallway, pulling the door closed behind him.

She lay back, wondering how much trouble he’d get into.

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  1. I’m going to echo Marie’s Hot Damn!! I love the fake ‘stop you’re too rough’ which really means ‘more, harder, faster!’ It’s one of my favourite mindsets. This was super sexy and I need to go back now to remind myself of the finer details of the billboard/fantasy scenario.
    Delicious fantasy erotic writing as ever Lucy.

    Liked by 1 person

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