Natalie in the Cold

This story stands alone, but if you want to read more about Natalie’s adventures check out Natalie’s Date

Natalie waited for Sir to come home.  She knew he’d be home soon, and she’d put on the lingerie he’d requested.  She loved the way she looked in the open cup bustier that held her tits aloft, but left them bare. She’d slid into the g-string. He’d asked her to wear the French maid apron, but that was all.  She knelt next to the door and waited.

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Elust 102

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O Come All Ye Faithful

Christmas Eve


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Not “only” CP

Whispered Obscenities

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Happily Barren


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Backdoor Boyfriend

I was lying on my side, with my back toward him.  His fingers trace down my naked back moving toward my ass.

Then there was lube and his fingers slowly filling my ass.  I thrust back against his fingers, arching my ass toward him.  His free hand twisted and pinched my nipples, which only made me buck my hips more.

DefyNotTheHeart Lindsey
Defy Not the Heart by Johanna Lindsey

I adore rough play on my nipples, so the pinching and twisting only made me hotter. I let my hand dip down, slipping my fingers between my labia.  I was dripping wet.  I rubbed my clit in slow circles.  My breathing quickened.

He kept up his invasion, sliding a third finger in my ass.  I moaned and rubbed harder at my clit.  I felt my ass clench around his fingers as I came.

He slowly took his fingers out of me.  I know I whimpered then.  If I’d been able to catch my breath, I would have begged him not to stop.  Then he started sliding the plug in my ass, and I sighed with delight.

The plug wasn’t particularly large, but it was heavy, steel, and round.  I felt it stretch me, as he pressed it in slowly.  He let me grow used to the feeling of the plug.  I love the sensation, the feeling of fullness.  I loved that every time I moved, I felt it shift.  The palpable weight of it, the sight burning stretch as he shifted the plug in and out of me left me panting.

With the plug filling my ass, he went to work on my pussy.  I was already wet, so his fingers slipped into me easily.  With his fingers in my pussy, the feeling of the plug was more pronounced, but I wanted more.

I straddled him, and the plug taunted me as I moved.  I slowly impaled myself on his cock.  The plug pressed deeper, and the friction, if friction is the correct word, of his cock sliding inside my pussy rubbing against the plug was almost enough to make me cum.

The physical experience was elevated by him watching me, watching my face to see my response.  There was something so sensual knowing that I couldn’t hide (and didn’t want to hide) the raw emotion and response.

I set the pace, starting slow, savoring the pressure, the fullness.  I leaned forward over him, my nipples dragging over his chest.  The rasp of course hair added to my enjoyment.  I kept the slow rhythm as long as I could, working myself closer and closer, and keeping myself on the edge.

GentleRouge Lindsey
Gentle Rogue

I sank down on his cock, and sat up on my knees.  It allowed his cock to go just a little deeper.  I raised myself up, almost off his cock and slid back down.  I moved up and down a few more times, loving how full I felt. Then I sped up.  I rode him fiercely, using his cock to pleasure myself.

Once again, I let my hand trail down to find my clit.  I didn’t bother with teasing. I was to close to the edge.  I rubbed my clit roughly, feeling my orgasm build.  I came, again, with his cock still hard inside my pussy and the metal plug still filling my ass.

By the end, I was worn out, wrung out, sore, and so very satisfied.

ShadowofEvil Greye La Spina
Shadow of Evil/Invaders from the Dark by Greye La Spina