Angel on My Shoulder

Stephanie fumbled her keys into the lock, and tripping in the dark she made her way into her apartment.  She was still a little tipsy from her night out.  She dropped her jacket on the floor, letting her shirt follow in short order.  A trail of clothes laid in her wake as she made her way to her bedroom.

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Ground Control

Alice has been aboard the Tau Ceti station for a week.  She’d started to acclimate to the intermittent gravity loss, but it still caused butterflies in her stomach when the gravity turned off.

She was looking forward to her down time.  The engineering team invited her to all sorts of activities, but she just wanted to be alone. Well there was a certain Martian she’d been eyeing, and she’d heard plenty of interesting things about Martian anatomy at the academy.  She was planning a fact finding mission during her six month posting; however, after a week of constant companionship, she was looking forward to having her quarters to herself.  Her roommate, a Terran in communications, was on shift, so Alice would be alone.

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