Kinky Thoughts: Fishnets

I am a fishnet girl.  Until recently, I never considered them sexy – for me they were subversive, punk rock accessories.  They were edgy when paired with stompy boots and short skirts.  They were my “fuck you to social conventions.”

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Natalie self-consciously smoothed her dress down, tugging at the hem.  The dress, with its flared skirt, sat comfortably just above her knees, hardly immodestly short.  Nevertheless, she felt immodest.  She couldn’t believe that she’d agreed to this, but she admitted to herself that the daring of it had her already turned on.

The bar was loud and crowded for a weeknight.  Des was already there.  She wove her way through the crowded bar, dodging patrons and servers alike, to the booth where he waited.  She slid into the booth next to him, carefully tugging her dress down.  He noticed; she just knew that he noticed.

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