The William Leaves at Dawn

Faith woke slowly, a delicious throbbing in her pussy pulling her intro wakefulness. Her Captain’s fingers were gently teasing her, sliding between her her wet folds.

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Alice’s Afternoon Off

“You built the program to my specs?” Alice asked.

Domaris, the Centari, nodded, “I haven’t had a lot of requests like this,” the alien smiled at her.  “If you’d like some company, I’d be happy to join you in the program.”

Alice eyed the Centari woman.  “I wish, but I’m due back on my ship.” Alice leaned forward, “Do your people kiss?”

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What Happened to Victoria at the Ritual

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Vicki was a little surprised at how quickly Julia agreed to go to the sex magick ritual.

What Vicki couldn’t tell her was about Djet (part one & part two).  She just couldn’t find a way to tell Julia about meeting a resurrected pharaoh.  She wasn’t sure she could tell anyone, well other than her professor.

vintage occult
It was professor Edwards who’d suggested that she seek out a former colleague, Colin Bishara.

Bishara had left academia, and all Vicki’s research indicated a skyrocketing career in Egyptology, to study ancient Egyptian magic.  Or maybe it was more accurate to say practice magic.

Professor Edwards suggested that if anyone could explain what happened with Djet, it would be Bishara.

So Vicki stood barefoot and naked under her long black robe, scanning the crowd for Bishara.

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