Jingle Bells

Vixen rang the doorbell. She could feel the cold air drifting under her coat.  She couldn’t believe she was going through with this.  When her Dom had suggested that she see Liz again, Vixen had been ecstatic. However, when he presented his plan, she’d grown nervous.  What if Liz wasn’t interested? What if the whole gift backfired somehow? Vixen knew that her Dom had planned this with Will, and Will was connected to Liz, but still, Vixen was nervous.

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Angel on My Shoulder

Stephanie fumbled her keys into the lock, and tripping in the dark she made her way into her apartment.  She was still a little tipsy from her night out.  She dropped her jacket on the floor, letting her shirt follow in short order.  A trail of clothes laid in her wake as she made her way to her bedroom.

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