Sexy Series

A Compilation of all of my multi-part stories.  Read them in order and one page.

CarolineCaroline’s Tarot Cards

Caroline receives a gift certificate for a tarot reading.  When the reading begins, she realizes that these are no ordinary tarot cards.

Series inspired by a prompt from Friday Flash

and the Manara Tarot Deck .

vicki serielVictoria and the Pharaoh 

I love ancient Egypt and I love the supernatural.  Thus, a mummy seemed like a logical place to go.  In this series, Victoria get the opportunity to work on a real excavation in Egypt.  Working alone one night, her naughty imagination inadvertently resurrects the Pharaoh.  Once she loses her supernatural lover, she seeks the help of sex magick, and a sexy magician, to find her resurrected pharaoh.



her at my place 2


A collection of sapphic adventures.  The narrator details her adventures with the woman of her dreams, referred to only as Her.  These two get up to some light kink and a lot of sexy fun.  Shorter than many of my other series, but still with plenty of action.

Inspired by a real life Her.


Natalie page

Natalie’s Date 

Natalie takes her exploration of dominance and submission to a new level with a surprising birthday gift from her Dom and his best friend.  Together the three of them explore each other and Natalie’s submission.

Inspired by a Kink of the Week prompt


ManaraGrindhouseCove-787x1024Alice’s Adventures in Space *coming soon*

A collection of science fiction stories that boldly go where too much science fiction fears to go, the bedroom.  Alice travels the universe seeking out strange new sexual escapes and aliens to share her desires with. Alice’s wanton adventures lead her into zero g sex to a sultry romp into a holographic Roman Orgy.

Inspired by a Wicked Wednesday Prompt



werewolf 4Julia’s Magick

One hedonistic witch’s journey into all manner of depraved magick.  Julia explores sex magic orgies. learns from Norse shamans, meets supernatural creatures (and bangs them).  Every story has a bit of magic, and a cauldron full of dark fantasy.

Inspired by a Masturbation Monday prompt (also shares characters with Victoria and the Pharaoh”