Sunday Serial

readingWelcome to a serialized presentation of my (first) novel, Temple of Twilight.

I categorize this novel as fantasy – something akin to the work of Jacqueline Carey, CJ Cherryh, Brandon Sanderson, or Robert Jordan.

It is a sprawling world that contains real magic and gods that take on physical form and interact with the world.

There will be adventure, prophecy,  love and lust, passion and sex.

Note for my regular readers, there are erotic elements to this novel, but I would not classify this as erotica.  What does that mean, exactly? There’s sex, more than what the average fantasy novel has, but there’s also a lot of not sex.

See you in two weeks!

Chapter One (Jan 7 2017)

Chapter Two (Jan 21 2017)

Chapter Three (Feb 4 2018)