Take It Outside

Sitting in the bar wearing her uniform sent a message.  A woman wearing marine fatigues raised a number of reactions, and Natasha loved to see who and how people responded.  She took in the bar patrons while waiting for her beer. It was a quiet night, only a few biker types nursing beers and ignoring her.  At least until he came in.

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On the Orient Express

Every six months, Dorothy had a vacation away from her husband and family. It was an understanding that she and her spouse had worked out years before.  They had met and married a few years after the war, the Great War. They had a companionable marriage and loved one another, but both found their passions in others.

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Her Housewife

Minx shook out the dress. It was heavy, with a full skirt and fitted bust. Something that Lucille Ball would have worn in I Love Lucy. Slipping into the dress was like slipping into another time, which was exactly what Johnnie wanted. Tonight, they were exploring Her 1950s household fantasy.

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Dream a Little Dream

Read part one here. Or you can jump in here; it gets to the sexy parts pretty quickly.

Maggie watched the man almost run from the laundry room. She was utterly confused.  There was no way he could have known about her dream, even if he acted like he had.  As she finished tossing her laundry in the basket, she tried to figure out what she could have done to make the man scurry away.

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Victoria’s Teacher

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After her encounter with Djet, Doctor Edwards took Victoria back to the city.  She’d rented them a hotel room, and told Victoria they would both take a few days to recover.

Victoria had to admit the prospect of a bath and a real bed was appealing, but what she really wanted was to start searching for Djet.  However, she had no idea how to find the resurrected Pharaoh.

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The Drive Home

Part One is here.  You can start there or jump in here.

After what had been the single greatest orgams of her life, Dr. Jacqueline Hyde put herself back in order as best she could.

She had no idea why the compound had brought on the response it had, but she wasn’t keen on being in the lab if the overwhelming need to orgasm overcame her again. It was Friday, and she was sure that she could unravel the compound in her home lab.  And she hoped that the effects of the compound had passed through her system.

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