On the Orient Express

Every six months, Dorothy had a vacation away from her husband and family. It was an understanding that she and her spouse had worked out years before.  They had met and married a few years after the war, the Great War. They had a companionable marriage and loved one another, but both found their passions in others.

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The Diary: Chapter 2

You can start at the beginning here, or you can just jump in and enjoy a 1920s Hollywood Orgy.

Kate felt the eyes of new men on her as her partner continued fucking her. She glanced up, making eye contact and realized she recognized him. He was a Hollywood legend on screen and off.

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Victoria Finds Her Man… Two of Them

 Read the entire story here: [Part 1 Working Late]  [Part 2 All Wrapped up in Work] [Part 3: What Vicki Did at the Ritual]  [Part 4: Victoria Finds Her Man… Two of Them]

Vicki lay back on the pile of cushions shrugging out of the robe so it lay underneath her like a sheet.
odalisque 3
Bishara laid beside her, his kohl darkened eyes and shaved head reminded her of Djet, but there was something jarring about seeing the makeup and the ancient affectation on a modern man.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

She nodded, not entirely sure what she needed to be ready for.  At this point, she was certain she wanted this magician and not only for his magic.

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By Any Other Name…

Names, titles, what we call each other.  I find that these concepts are simultaneously unique and utterly culturally bound.  I recently told KinkyandPerky (whose blog you should be reading) that I’m often intentionally vague about dirty talk in my stories because dirty talk is so unique to everyone.  I’ve read otherwise hot stories, but the dirty talk (of a type that isn’t mine) just threw me out of the story.  I believe that names work the same way.

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