Beverly’s Private Show

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Beverly was nervous. Tonight she was performing the live show for Mr. X. She still didn’t know if he really was her boss, or just sounded like him, but that was enough to convince Beverly to go through with the recording.

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Beverly’s Next Mask

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Beverly took extra care choosing her outfit for work.  Ever since her Friday cam show, she’d been distracted thinking about her boss.  The voice of the man watching her show, watching her fuck herself to orgasm with a dildo, had sounded so much like him. She’d spent the weekend masturbating to the recorded track of his, “come on slut, fuck that pussy.”

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Beverly applied the eyelash glue to her mask. With the mask in place, she slipped into her lingerie. The scarlet lace of the bra contrasted with her pale skin. The thong panties matched and barely covered her freshly waxed pussy. Staring at her reflection, she felt like someone else. She liked the feeling of being someone else, being free from the constraints of her life. Of course this was only the first part.

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Under a Dark Moon

This story stands alone, but if you want to read about Charity’s first adventure, check out Stole Penis.

In the darkness of the new moon, Charity made her way through the woods to the meeting place. The coven sentries greeted her warmly, as she sat upon the soft cool grass to remove her shoes and stockings. She suspected young Isaac volunteered for the duty because he enjoyed watching the women undress.

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The Diary

Kate opened the package.  She expected her latest paperback book order, but instead she found an antique book, carefully wrapped in paper and cloth, both crumbling a little at her touch.  She turned back the package, wondering where the book had come from.  Her little book store specialized in genre fiction, the kind of paperbacks people took on planes and to the beach.  She didn’t deal in old books.  The package bore her name and address on a handwritten label.  The return address label was illegible in both handwriting and being half covered with stamps and notations from the post office.  This package had seen some adventures getting to her.

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Natalie in the Cold

This story stands alone, but if you want to read more about Natalie’s adventures check out Natalie’s Date

Natalie waited for Sir to come home.  She knew he’d be home soon, and she’d put on the lingerie he’d requested.  She loved the way she looked in the open cup bustier that held her tits aloft, but left them bare. She’d slid into the g-string. He’d asked her to wear the French maid apron, but that was all.  She knelt next to the door and waited.

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By the sixth hour of the conference, Sharon was bored to tears. She hated being sent to these things, all the attempts to one up each other and endless gossip… Did you hear where he ended up? She didn’t get tenure after all. Left the profession entirely… Well you know some people just aren’t cut out for academia…

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