Day 18 February Photo Fest & Sinful Sunday

I’m a fan of makeup. I love traditional, glamour styles… but I also love weird, goth/punk styles.  This is my “it’s Frankenstein‘s Birthday” look.  Really, it is (Frankenstein is 200 years old this year!)

Eyes for Frankenstein 

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Day 14 February Photo Fest 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day in the U.S. So I chose something with heart.

I think there’s something about mirror selfies that I find appealing.  Most people, perhaps more women than men, spend a lot of their lives hating their bodies.   Selfies are a way to take back our bodies, to love them and find them attractive in our own way.

I love the way my body looks in this one – and duh vampires.

*I’ll probably never write about vampires.

“I Love Vampires”

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