Sex Magick

“You want to go to a what?!” Julia couldn’t believe what her friend Vicki was asking. Of course, Julia mused, Vicki hadn’t been the same since she came back from Egypt [part 1 and part 2].  Before her trip, Victoria hadn’t expressed any interest in the occult; however, since she had returned she had an insatiable drive to learn everything about it.

“It’s a coven meeting” Vicki began, but Julia cut in.

“No, this isn’t a praise the god and goddess, dance around a bonfire coven – This is a,” her voice dropped, “a sex cult.”

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Lazy Sunday

We woke up late, and we didn’t rush out of bed.  I insisted that I wanted a lazy Sunday, with cuddling and staying in bed. 

It started with some playful stroking.  I slipped my hands in his shorts, and ran my fingers over his cock.  It stirred to life.
I slowly pulled his shorts down.  I have him a quick smile, and ran my tongue over his cock.  He let out a quiet moan, and I took the head of his cock between my lips.  I licked across the head of his cock before swallowing the length of him.

It was playful and teasing, and oh so much fun to hear him moan.  But I wanted more.
There was a bottle of lube next to the bed.  I grabbed it and generously greased his cock.  “You’ll like this,” I smiled at him. 
I turned my back to him and straddled him.  I aimed his cock at my tight ass, and slowly sank down on his cock.  
His hard cock stretched my ass.  I moaned in satisfaction as his cock filled my ass.  I started slowly riding his cock.  
I looked back at him, over my shoulder. “Told you, you’d like this” I purred at him.  Because I was riding him reverse cowgirl, I had totally access to my clit.  
“Rub your clit, baby” he said.  I paused moment, wondering how he knew.  “The mirror,” he said.  I glanced over, and the full length mirror was at just the right angle to let him watch me.  
I smiled at him in the mirror, my fingers on my clit.  I rubbed, watching myself in the mirror.  
“Cum with my cock in your tight ass,” he said.  

I moaned and moved faster, wanting the friction of his cock.  I rubbed harder at my clit, feeling my orgasm growing closer.  He thrust up, pushing his cock the slightest but deeper, and taking control of the rhythm.  He made it faster, harder. I came with a loud cry.  

He shifted beneath me,  sitting up sightly.  “get on your knees” he said.  He moved me around, making sure we both were framed in the mirror.  I saw myself, ass raised, legs spread with his still hard cock pointed at me.  “Come on, baby,” I purred at him, “fuck me.”
He grabbed my hips, plunging get​ his cock back into my ass.  “Watch” he commanded.  I turned my head, watching in the mirror.  He made eye contact with me.  “Play” he ordered.  I slid my hand back to my clit.  I was already so sensitive after cumming, but I played anyway.  
I watched him pounding my ass, and I knew by his thrusts, by his moans he was going to cum soon.  I rubbed my clit softly, but quickly.  I bit my lip as I came again, my ass tightening involuntarily.  
He groaned and pressed deeper, finding his own orgasm.  He caught my eye in the mirror.  “I like these lazy Sundays,” he smiled.  

Working Late

*quick draft, which I’ll edit later*

Victoria got the opportunity to go on a real excavation, she jumped at the chance.  This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After a month of hard work, she was still excited, but admittedly tired.  The work was a little easier now that the tomb was open.  With lighting, they could begin the work at night.

Without the relentless desert sun, the cleaning and documenting of artifacts went faster, and Victoria’s enthusiasm resurged.

It was this enthusiasm that led her to be alone after midnight.  She was brushing centuries of sand and dust from a fresco.  It told the life story of Pharaoh Djet.  Professor Edwards had translated as they cleaned.  Victoria decided to work late to hear more the next day.  She was a little abashed at her growing crush on the long dead king.

She brushed away more sand and noticed a slight protuberance of stone.  She knelt down and rubbed at the protrusion, trying to decide if it was debris or purposeful.

She heard a scraping sound, and fell back as a section of the wall slid open.  “Oh my God,” she whispered as the dust settled around her.

She was staring into a new room, a room no one had seen in centuries.  She pushed herself to her feel, pushing an errant lock of blonde hair behind her ear.

Victoria knew that she should go and wake the professor.  It was after all the older woman’s dig, but the allure of being the first to see the room was too much for her pass up.

She grabbed one of the work lights and stepped into the chamber. And her eyes were blinded by the glitter of gold.  It was an untouched chamber, and even more it was the burial chamber.

Victoria walked slowly into the chamber. She felt a small jolt run through her as she crossed the threshold.

She gazed at the sarcophagus and felt herself pulled toward it.  She ran her fingers along the image of his face.  It was stylized, of course, but from the image on the lid and the ones she had spent days cleaning, she’d decided that Djet had been a handsome man.

She’d fantasized about life under his rule.  Well mostly she’d had a never-ending fantasy of being the King’s concubine.

Unconsciously her hand drifted to the waist band of her shorts.  She fumbled with the button, unwilling to take her other hand off the sarcophagus.  When she had the tight cut-offs unbuttoned, her questing fingers found her pussy already wet.

She rubbed at her clit, wriggling her hips to get her shorts to slide farther down.  They were barely held up now, but Victoria didn’t care.  Her mind was filled with a fantasy of the Pharaoh​, a large, virile, ​muscled man. A man used to getting whatever he asked for.

She worked her hand lower, plunging two fingers inside.  She shifted her hand so the edge of her palm kept pressure on her clit, and while her fingers kept pumping inside.

She imagined Djet, bending her over the sarcophagus, tearing her shorts away.  She pretended her fingers were his cock.  The cock he’d slam into her, using her for his pleasure.

Her real moans echoed through the chamber, and she realized she was crying out his name as she shuddered to a climax.

She pulled her hand out of her shorts, resting both her palms against the sarcophagus to keep her balance.

Without meaning to, she smeared her cum over the lid of the sarcophagus.  After she caught her breath, she noticed what she’d done.  The last thing she wanted was to have the whole expedition learn what she’d had done in the chamber.

Blushing, she used the hem of her tank top to wipe away the evidence.

A Day in the Park

I wore the dress Sir gave me, a thin blue sundress. He, as always, had told me to forgo panties. 

We walked through the park together.  As we walked I could feel the cool breeze blow under my skirt, Sir told me to let the skirt blow, no holding it down.  The day, while cool, was beautiful, so  I was surprised at how empty the park was. 

We reached a distant corner of the grounds, the well-tended trees and hedges giving way to wilder, unkempt bushes and uncut lawns. Clearly this was a section not expecting visitors. Sir led me down an overgrown path, the shrubs tugged at my clothes. The path didn’t extend far from the main path.  The overgrown trail dead ended with a concert bench. The bench was shaded by the overgrown trees. 

Sir stopped. He stood behind me, uniting the halter of my dress, baring my tits to the sun and sky. I glanced behind us at the trail. The overgrown nature offered some privacy, but not entirely. Anyone who took a few steps off the main path would see us.  The breeze, and the exposure had my nipples rock hard. 

Sir stayed behind me, his hands cupping my naked breasts, his warm palms rubbed my nipples. I moaned and leaned into him, my back pressed against his chest. 

“Does my girl like having her titties played with in my public?” He asked, pinching my nipples softly. 

“Yes, Sir,” I gasped as he pinched harder.  

He pulled my nipples stretching them. I whimpered quietly, worried about someone hearing me. Sir dropped one nipple his hand drifting over my belly. He tugged my skirt up, and I felt the cool air on my pussy.  

In the distance, I heard voices in the park. I blushed. 

“Are you wet, slut?” Sir asked, in his regular tones.

I nodded, terrified that someone would hear us.  

Sir, slapped my tits, “Are you wet, slut?” He was louder this time.

I couldn’t hear the voices, maybe they had passed by our little corner of the park.

I nodded again. 

“Bad girl,” he growled at me. “Go to that bench, slut. I want your ass up, and tits on the concrete. Now.” His voice was angry. 

I hurried to the bench. The concrete was rough under my knees. My bare tits rested on the cold bench.  I flipped my skirt up. I was in a public park, half naked. I could feel the air on my pussy, I was sopping wet, and terrified we would get caught.
“You’re being a bad girl,” Sir said behind me. With warning he slapped my ass, and I yelped. The force of his smack rocked me forward. The rough bench tore at my nipples.  
I heard voices in the park again. Had they heard my yelp? Were they getting closer? Sir began spanking me in earnest. I tried to stay quiet. But I let out a few whimpers and moans, and I’m sure if anyone was close enough they could hear the spanking.  

I heard one of the voices ask “Did you hear that?” 

I bit my lip as Sir finished. My ass stung and my tits burned from rubbing against​ the rough bench.  

“Your moans are going to attract an audience,” I could hear the amusement in his voice. “That’s what you are worried about isn’t it?” 

“Yes, Sir. I heard voices. I’m afraid someone might see us.” I said.  
His hands caressed my naked ass, “But you love an audience, slut. I recall you inviting a stranger to fuck you, the last time you had an audience.” His hand drifted between my thighs, “just the thought of an audience has you dripping wet.” Sir said. He rubbed my wetness against my asshole.  

The voices carried over the trees. It was a man and woman, and the jingle of a dog’s collar. From the sound of it, they were playing catch. 

Sir kept working on my ass, stretching me and lubing me with my own wetness. He leaned down to whisper to me. “I’m going to fuck your ass,” he growled. “I’m going to use you hard, and unless you want that couple to hear you, you’ll have to be quiet.” 

I felt him behind me, his cock pressed against my ass. He slowly pressed inside of me. I bit my lip, trying not to groan. He stretched me, with a slight burn. I let out a soft moan when I felt his thighs against mine. In the background, the couple called their dog, whistling and clapping for the animal.  

Sir grabbed my hips, and started thrusting. I think he wanted to make me cry out. He thrust faster, and I groaned. 

“Reach between your legs, slut,” he said, “Make yourself cum.”

I slowly reached between my legs, Sir had stopped thrusting. His cock filled my ass. My fingers found my clit, and I was sopping wet.  

“Start rubbing, slut” he ordered.  

I started rubbing. I moaned as quietly as I could.  I could hear the woman telling the dog to fetch.

“Stop biting your lip,” he said, and started thrusting again. He quickly moved to pounding. My nipples were raw from the friction. I rubbed frantically at my clit. I knew I should be quiet, but I just wanted, no needed to cum, and I didn’t think I could do it quietly.

I moaned, loud. I thought I heard the couple and their dog. I thought about getting caught. Then I stopped thinking as an orgasm tore through me. I know I let loose a torrent of sounds that only come from sex. But I didn’t care. I kept rubbing as Sir hasn’t given me permission to stop.  
My clit was incredibly sensitive, but I kept my fingers moving on it.  Sir jerked hard on my hips, and moaned as he came. 

In the ensuing silence, we both heard the couple.  The man was calling the dog a good boy and telling it to eat something.  The woman was… moaning.

Sir pulled my skirt down and helped me stand.  He nodded in the direction of the unmistakable sounds of sex.  I smiled and nodded.  We crept to the edge of our clearing. There on  overgrown lawn lay a woman and her puppy, well a kink puppy in full leather suit.  The puppy had his face buried in pussy.  

I glanced up at Sir, shocked at brazen display of kink in public. 

He smiled, “The Dunegon rented the park for the day.” 

Purple square with

Braided Hair & Blow Jobs

After my last night at the sex club, I’d made sure to get Daddy’s number.  We’d finally arranged for a play date.

I’d worn my hair in two braids to keep it out of the way.  I knelt between Daddy’s thighs and started licking.  I trailed my tongue over his cock, starting at his balls and working up.  I lapped at the glans, loving watching him writhe.

“Wild Scottish Embrace”
After teasing him, I swallow his cock, taking as much as I can.  I move slowly, getting accustomed to his length.  I keep my lips wrapped tight around his girth, and twirl my tongue over the head of his cock.  When I raise my head, my lips around the head of his cock, I flick my eyes up to catch his eye.  He’s watching me.  I keep eye contact as I move back down.

My teasing most have gone on too long for him.  He grabs my braid.  I know where this is going and what he wanted. I moved my other braid within his reach.  Daddy wraps my hair and his hands and pulls.

“Blue Devil Suite”
My head is forced down, my lips resting around the base of his cock.  Daddy had moved from letting me play, to using me.  He paused a moment, asking if I was ok.  I nodded, as much as a could.  He preceded to fuck my mouth.  He used my hair like handles, and thrust into my mouth.  He yanked my hair, thrusting and moaning.  He gave one last pull, shooting him cum into my throat, with a growl.  He released my hair, and I lapped him clean.

He pulled me up, into his arms.  He called me a good girl.  He gently worked out to braids, and  and stroked my hair.  I snuggled next to him and was already thinking about our next date.

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