Alice’s Galactic Adventures Continue


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Alice had worked hard to get the promotion to delegation team, but Space Force rewarded those who worked hard. And now she was part of the welcome delegation to planet Gliese. The Saurian race was the newest to enter into the League of Planets.

snake.jpgAfter the official business, she and the other delegates were invited to a party, was the closest analog. They had all been given Gliesen clothing to wear, and while some of her fellow delegates had expressed concern, Alive had leapt at the change to wear the long gauzy skirt.  Of course, the issue her Janice had was that the gauzy skirt was the only clothing. Alice reminded her that Gliesen women didn’t have breasts, and because of that, not one on the planet found the clothing revealing or sexualized.  This was after all Alice’s area of specialty, the sexual norms of alien races.

“It’s not the lizards gawking that I’m concerned about,” her bunk said.  “I’ll have to go back to work with the terrans, who will most certainly gawk at my tits all night.”

Alice laughed.  “I hadn’t thought of that,” she looked down at her own bare breasts. “If they gawk, I’ll write them up myself for making the locals uncomfortable.”

Janice gave her an appraising look, “None of this bothers you does it?”

Alice adjusted her skirt, loving the way the fabric revealed just a hint of her naked sex. “What the nudity and sex stuff?” She turned to face Janice, “It fascinates me.”

At the party, they mingled with the Gliesen. She’d met enough aliens to quickly acclimate to chatting with six foot tall lizard men (and ladies) without tripping over her tongue like some of the newer delegates. One of the males, S’latch, led her to the bar to try the local intoxicant.  Her computer interface ruled that it was safe to drink, and no more intoxicating to her species than a beer.

snake 3After her admonishments to Janice, she noticed that this lizard man couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits. “They are called breasts” she offered with a smile.

He jerked his eyes up, “Is it acceptable to look at them?”

She smiled, “Not really,” She rested a hand on his arm.  “I don’t mind, but for my species that kind of looking indicates a sexual interest and others may mind.”

“Oh but I do have a sexual interest in you.” He said with a slight hiss to his words.

She had no way to read their expressions, at least not yet.  Every species was different in their physical markers of emotions – and some lacked any physical cues relying on scent or sound. What she did know was the Gliesen were entirely honest.  They didn’t dissemble and seemed unable to understand sarcasm. So she took his words as truth, and took his arm, “Let’s find somewhere a little more private to discuss this.”

S’latch led her to his quarters and they had another drink and discussed anatomy.

Alice was adept at interspecies assignations. The social and erotic norms varied wildly. Anatomically, his muzzle would prevent kissing, at least in the human style. And all species had their kinks, taboos, and traditions. Of course, she assumed that if an alien was interested in fucking her, that alien was perhaps more adventurous than most.

“So there’re two,” she asked, a little breathless and perhaps a little tipsy.

He gave a hissing laugh, “Impatient already.” He rested his three fingered hand on her arm, stroking her skin. “You are so soft, so smooth.”

snake 5She smiled, savoring the warm, dry touch of his skin. The Gliesen lizard people were scaled, and of course she wondered what his scales would feel like against her naked flesh. “And your skin is wonderfully rough. The placement of your hemipenis…” She began, and stopped when S’latch stood and removed his loincloth.

“Oh my,” Alice said, her eyes devouring the sight.  His species had a hemi-penis, a two pronged sex organ that was covered in a wealth of, not barbs, but bumps that she suspected would feel amazing.  The split placed one penis atop the other, making his cock too large for her to take both in her pussy, but her wondered if double penetration was possible.  “That is gorgeous.” He seemed pleased by her response.  And she made a mental note that at least this Gliesen seemed to enjoy complements about this penis. “May I touch it?”

“Yes,” he thrust his hips in her direction.

She ran her fingers lightly over his erection.  The scales were less pronounced, much smoother.  She found it much closer to a snake.

S’latch hissed in response. “That is very pleasant” he said.

Alice wrapped her hand around one prong, stroking it gently. His hissing continued, and she increased the pressure.

“I see you,” he hissed at her.

Alice giggled and hiked the gauzy skirt up and spread her legs.  S’latch dropped to his knees, his face moving toward her. “You can touch me if you wish.”  She felt his fingers slide along her thigh and over her labia.

“You have fur,” he said.

She nodded, gasping as his finger slipped between her lips and stroked her wet folds. “Yes, some fur.” She moaned when he found her clit. “That is very,” she panted, “nice.”

He teased the nub of flesh, before removing his fingers.  He wrapped his thick tongue around his finger and tasted her.

Alice shivered watching his tongue, wondering what it would feel like on her pussy.  Hell, she thought, it’s prehensile enough I want to feel it inside my cunt.

“My people use their tongues as part of coitus. May I?”

“Oh gods, yes!” Alice said ready to toss her legs over his shoulders.  They both shifted around, to find a comfortable position.  Then Alice felt the heavy pressure of his tongue between her legs.  He didn’t tease or taunt; he went straight to licking. His tongue lapped her length.  “Yes,” Alice moaned, “there, right there.” She groaned as his tongue passed over her clit. He followed her directions; lapping at her while she moaned and begged for more. She watched his saurian head between her thighs, and loved watching him.  I wonder if he has a mirror here?

“You are delicious. But I want to” he paused, “fuck? Is that the word?”

Part 2

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  1. Oh this has me in all kinds of a tizzy! I shall have to keep re-reading this until you have written the next part! Thank you for this delicious horny, honest, alien!

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