Sir had ordered princess over to his place.

She, of course, wore exactly what he’d ordered – a pink open cup chemise that just covered the curve of her ass. Over it, she wore a long belted sweater, one that reached a few inches above her knee. Needless to say, her transit ride over had required constant vigilance of her clothing, unless she wanted to flash a bus full of strangers. Sitting was a particular challenge. The sweater rode up enough to reveal a wealth of naked thigh. She didn’t try to cross her legs, knowing that movement would only pull the fabric up more.

At one point, the bus lurched, and she’d grabbed the seat, planting her legs to steady herself. She’d realized, after a moment, that the top of the sweater gaped open, revealing almost her entire bare breasts. When she hurried to pull it closed, she noticed the position of her feet had made her pussy visible to anyone looking.

She’d glanced around the bus, but no one seemed to be paying attention to her.

That vigilance kept her hyper focused on her body. The cool air on her thighs, and, as she walked, her naked pussy. The jiggle of her tits held up by the chemise, but also bared to rub against the soft sweater, was torture. Walking faster, only made her breasts bounce more, and the sweater, tightly belted clung to her curves.

When princess reached his door, she was a mixture of burning desire and fear. There was a note on the door:


Come in and take off your sweater. I’m taking a shower. Come to the bathroom.

She took the note and went inside. She could hear the shower running as she hung her sweater. The chemise made her feel more naked. She opened the bathroom door, “I’m here Sir,” she said raising her voice to be heard over the water. She couldn’t see him clearly through the frosted glass, but she could tell that he turned to face her.

“I’ve left you a toy.” He said over the water. “Play, while I finish up.”

She frowned a moment, looking around the room. Then her eyes fell on the dildo suction cuped to the mirror. She knew from experience he’d have a clear view of her and if her reflection from the shower. She got to her hands and knees and started to position herself.

“Fuck my slutty pussy while I watch” his voice drifted from the shower.

Princess nodded, and found her voice. “Yes, Sir.” She backed up to the dildo, feeling it slide between her lips. Her tits, held by the design of the cupless top, swung heavily beneath her. She pressed back, feeling the dildo press into her, slowly stretching her. She moved back until the cold glass of the mirror was flush with her ass.

“Start fucking, Princess” he said from the shower.

She shifted back and forth, her hands and knees on the tile floor. Her tits swung with every move and she couldn’t stop her moan. She loved and hated this game. She loved performing, being used as his sex toy, but also felt the creeping shame of it rising in a blush over her tits and cheeks.

When she heard the water stop, she paused until he he commanded her to keep going. She pressed back against the the dildo, fucking herself just as he asked. With the water off, the wet sounds of her pussy and her pants filled the room.

He opened the shower door, and she paused again. One glance from him had her moving again.

She watched him begin to stroke his cock, always watching her.

Masturbation Monday: Where getting off is half the fun.



  1. Oh my goodness, I was with her all the way, the moments of fear of exposure entwined with embarrassment on the bus, the anticipation as she approached her destination. Oooof the task! the stretch of the dildo and the cold of the mirror, and what a view! her pussy must’ve been on full display for her master’s entertainment. Great use of Elliott’s prompt image!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, to all of this. I have done the barely dressed thing that makes you so damn conscious of yourself (and nearly flash strangers). And I have fucked myself for JB’s pleasure…and it was DELIGHTFUL! This is such a good story. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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