Saturday Shorts

I’ve been writing a lot of flash fiction (posted on Twitter). I like the challenge of writing prompts, but flash fiction, especially on Twitter, is is an added challenge.  How much can I convey in 280 characters – those characters go so fast.  Each word suddenly matters.

I’m archiving all my flash pieces on my Flash Fiction page.  I don’t know it I’ll make this a regular feature on my blog, or if I am admittedly procrastinating on working on work.

Regardless, here are all of my flash pieces for this week:

norton coverThere were no #relics in the ship, nothing to remind Echo of who they had been, who she’d been. Even the clothes she wore, the ship pajamas, weren’t hers. She’d found them after she’d awoken. The handheld buzzed in her pocket. The computer had found the shadow. #vss365 #amwriting

He crept into her bed, again. She welcomed his cold fingers kneading her flesh & moaned as his teeth & cock penetrated. She begged for more until the blood loss left her groggy. When the bruises on her neck faded, he’d return again,& she’d welcome him. #horrorprompt #viciouscycle

The only #artifact from the Terran settlement on the ice #Moon Europa were the steel support beams of their demolished shelter and the pile of their skulls. The Europans were thorough in their efforts in eradicating invasive species. #scifansat #SciFiFri #amwritingscifi

Empyrean she heard as if he’d said it just to her. #hangtenstories

It was only a couple months, but she could tell it wasn’t going to work. He’d spent most of the party flirting with another woman, trying to raise her #temper. She left him to flirt, enjoying the party on her own; she just didn’t understand monogamous people. #vss365 #polyamory

thedaShe brought him flowers, roses but not the hot house type. These had thorns, and when he accepted them, they bit his hand. She kissed his fingers, lapping the blood, before ordering him to the whipping post. The roses were the perfect gift. #1linewed

Oh sweetheart, I didn’t know. I never knew.” #hangtenstories

Cupid’s mother, Venus goddess of #love, wasn’t in #love with her son being in #love with the mortal, Psyche. So she sent Psyche on an impossible quest to prove her #love. #vss365 #ValentinesDay2018

she shivered, naked on her knees. The collar was tight around her throat. His leather clad hand #jerked the leash. Could she crawl? Not just for him but for an audience of strangers? He jerked the leash again. she closed her eyes and took a breath. #vss365 #erotica

Echo ordered the magic mirror to watch for the shadow. She rose from the desk in search of a weapon that can slay a shadow. In the blank corridors of the ship, every groan and pop of metal #poisoned her mind with fear. #vss365 #amwritingscifi

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